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Scrappers' Anonymous
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

T'is the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the store
Not a creature is stirring and I've locked the door.

I'm sipping on eggnog & nibbling snacks
The papers' all nestled all snug in the racks.

Susan & Stacey at home with their kin
Unaware that price slashing is about to begin.

Layne's loose in the store, all on her own
She's cutting prices, close to the bone.
She's got the price gun, it's loaded, there's rum
Come Boxing Day morning let customers come!

Let's keep it a secret, keep it under your toque
My job will be safe, no fear of rebuke.

This, my Holiday thank you to you
For all that you give and all that you do.

40%!! - that number feels right
Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.
Sale on starting Boxing Day Dec 26th until further notice!

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