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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Show Time!

Why is there a picture of Bill Cosby and "The Cosby Family" on our blog?! I just had to share my news with you.

While I was growing up I think that I "grew up with the Cosby Family". Well, not in person of course. But it was a show that was watched religiously in our house. The humour, laughs and lightheartedness of the show pleased many while still covering many subjects that really hit home with almost anyone. Just the vision of Bill in the kitchen makes me smile...and an apron at that! Looking at the picture with the family at the table is a reminder of how "family" is a stronger unit when they come together and work as a unit. I always love being around families with this strong bond: happiness and joy abound!

My news: I am going to see Bill Cosby tonight as I won tickets! YEAH~~ I can really use a good laugh and I'm sure that won't be a problem~....see, it pays to watch the news. THANKS /A\ NEWS!

A VERY lucky and happy Stacey!

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