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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gift of Hope

In the last few weeks, my aunt and uncle have both been through a lot mentally. They have both been diagnosed with Cancer. Not only one, but both! Yes, husband and wife. I'm not sure what they will say to me for posting this, but I guess it is like a little bit of therapy for me. For some people, talking about the "facts of life" in this instance is the best for the soul. I believe this to be true for me. It all becomes "real" and the process of acceptance can begin. As my aunt and uncle (and their 2 daughters) are my only relatives in the western part of Canada, they are my family. In fact, it was my aunt and uncle who welcomed me into their home when I decided to venture on my own and leave Nova Scotia. Although we had our moments (picture an early 20's gal who had lived on her own for a few years with her "own" rules entering into a family with an 11 & 13 year old and a whole other set of rules...I'm sure you get the picture!), but we have made it through and our bond is stronger now than ever.

Well, what is my reason for posting this? My uncle started radiation on Wednesday and today was my aunt's first chemo treatment. I just had to do something! So, I planned out a "chemo kit" to take to my aunt. Here are pictures of the "chemo kit" that I made for her and I filled it with many different items that may help her out during the process. I decorated an empty paint can with Basic Grey Kioshi papers, used the Scrap Pink Kit from Sizzix to texturize the paper. I sponged over the texture words and ribbon symbol with ink from a stamp pad. I added a die cut of a large ribbon and a few brads to embellish. I wrapped the handle with tulle and added a few ribbons on each handle to finish it off. (note: the lid is just tilted to show the paper covering the lid)

Items that I included in this kit:

Soft Slippers, a bottle of water, mint candies, anti-bacterial hand cleanser, hand lotion, word puzzle, journal & book mark (yes, I forgot the pen!), kleenex, and lip balm.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for a project!


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  1. My thoughts and prayers to your family and what a wonderful gift. I'm sure it will be very much appreciated and cherished. It turned out beautifully.