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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blackberry vandals.....

OK, for those of you who I might be offending, I will apologize right up front.....But there are some things that I just don't either agree with or understand in life: stealing, lack of respect or vandalism to name a few.

Today as I was leaving my house, there were about 10-15 people in front of my house picking blackberries. Buckets in hand and some were the LARGE Wine buckets!

Yummy I understand, nature is free (I get it!), sharing the wealth that nature brings....These are all thing that I don't get is the fact that when some people are taking advantage of what nature brings to us and don't clean up after themselves, why did they start in the first place?

So just before I left my house, I just had to pull out my camera and snap a picture! I think it was to bring it all to reality for me. Yes, I have a picture with the people in it, but I am not posting that one just so I don't expose who some of the people are. To put this into a bigger perspective, there was even a lady with garden sheers. (Did she just happen to have them in her car?!) When there was a bramble in the way, she cut it down; Blackberries not quite in reach....cut some more! My initial thought was "I'm sure they will clean it up when they are done...blackberry bushes do grow back". But when I arrived home, my thoughts were proved incorrect. Brambles lay over the ground and some were even tossed ontop of the brambles. Is this me ranting....Yep! But I guess this is therapy for me. The pictures here don't do it justice. I know what I will be doing up the neighbourhood and doing my part!

So to bring some light to this, I found some projects completed by other talented ladies that I would like to share. Hopefully all of the blackberries picked today will be enjoyed to the maximum.....since there were Wine buckets, I thought that I would show you some projects from Crafty Secrets using the Wine Lovers set.

The card on the left was completed by Crafty Secrets designer Marisa and the series of wine projects on the right was completed by Lisa Zappa, another Crafty Secrets designer.

For more inspiration I am adding some links to their galleries. Here is a link to Lisa's Crafty Secrets gallery:

Here is a link to Marisa's Crafty Secrets gallery:

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